Yang upsets the traditional image of the piano. A modernist, he does not allow himself to be locked into a genre, rather he seeks to find this invisible link between classical grandeur, the mystery of contemporary works and the pulsation inherent in contemporary music. The performance of Hervé Nello Serra immerses the piano of graphic creations on 12 m screen combining energy and poetry.
This duet is a journey, a show where images and music come together in an invitation to dream and play.
Yang / JeanGabriel Lapierre: Piano
Hervé Nello Serra: Video Creation

Chiseled writing between East and West, classical and jazz. A dream world, a hedonistic and art music.
A vision and a singular interpretation of the composer Jean Gabriel Lapierre.
Extrait de l’album piano solo «Yang la symphonie intérieure» .
Une écriture ciselée entre orient et occident,classique et jazz. Un univers onirique,une musique hédoniste et savante.
Une vision et une interprétation singulière du compositeur Jean Gabriel Lapierre.

A special piano concert immersed in a video screen 16 meters.A creation by Nello Serra



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